bk Academy - Planning and developing the future.

A company that always wants to stay one step ahead of the market and be internationally successful, must give the further training of its employees and managers top priority. That's what we do. Because success must not be based on coincidence.

The bk Academy ensures the necessary knowledge transfer. It also offers excellence programs that support all employees continuously in their personal and professional development. For our own benefit and for the benefit of our customers. This is Human Resources Management by bk Group.

Development and continued training. Best Performance by bk Academy.

Development and further training. Best Performance by bk Academy.

We find the right talents and develop them. This is what we are known for, and this has made us successful for years. We work exclusively with our own employees from 27 European countries, which we train and educate further according to the strict quality standards of bk Group. Only a learning organization can keep pace with the rapidly changing demands of the market in order to be able to set further impulses. From day one, the bk Group Academy offers all employees an attractive program for continuous development and further training: practical training, lectures, coaching or training to increase personal and professional performance and to promote the bk Group Team Spirit.

Every company is only as good as the qualifications of its employees.

Every company is only as good as the qualifications of its employees.

Every company is only as good as the qualifications of its employees. Who claims to realize a 365° service, must do more. Since we cover everything from consulting to support, the work processes are very complex and must be kept going in an optimal and flexible manner. This requires well-coordinated processes between the specialist departments and comprehensive, specific know-how that is not easy to learn. As we occupy a unique position in the market because we offer everything from consulting to support from a single source and in the highest quality, we organize continuous training for our employees.

„Get started. Find success. Plan for the future. In our application portal. You can submit your application online now. Your career at the market leader is waiting “

Camilla Stammler

Camilla Stammler
Head of Human Resources

Phone: +49 9843 9801-123

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