Rooted in the region. At home in Europe.

Founded in 1999 by Gerald Wolfarth, we long ago outgrew our regional roots and our headquarters in Endsee. For many years, we have been at home in the shopping metropolises of Europe as a sought-after expert and market leader.

Today, the bk Group employs 200 staff members in over 27 European countries with 8 branches and offices, and has established itself as an international market leader for turnkey solutions (shopfitting and retail facility management).

Value-oriented. Dynamic. Focused on expansion.

Value-oriented. Dynamic. Focused on expansion.

Respectful behavior and collaboration, based on mutual trust, is our guiding principle. We always want decision-makers to feel that they are wanted, respected, listened to, and cared for. Being successful internationally requires long-term thinking and action, as well as ambitious goals and attention to detail. That’s what we stand for at the bk Group. Today and in the future, we will impress with consistency and fulfill the highest standards of competence and quality. We want to set the benchmarks in the industry and exceed our customers’ expectations with unique solutions. That’s why we love challenges that help us grow beyond our current boundaries!

beyond the edge and its meaning.

Beyond the edge and its meaning.

beyond the edge stands for several dynamic characteristics, like the image of a mountain climber, the ability to look beyond the known, cross boundaries, and make the previously impossible, possible. To always stay one key step ahead.
With our corporate claim “beyond the edge,” we want to do more than just occupy a top position. Our pride in peak performance goes hand in hand with always wanting to be better, to once again exceed our customers’ expectations. Thanks to our employees, who live out and treasure these qualities with passion. bk Group beyond the edge.

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bk Family

bk Family

Cultural diversity, an open corporate culture, and a passion for professionalism - this is what drives us forward. Why we are glad to offer top performance and develop unique solutions.

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bk Academy

bk Academy

Setting the stage for new ways of thinking and acting, and for top performance and excellence. You can learn more about how the bk Academy promotes and continuously develops talented employees here.

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bk News

bk News

Here is where we keep you up to date.
Get information on new projects or innovative solutions that set standards across the industry.

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People behind bk Group.
Using ambitious goals to achieve unique retail solutions.

The satisfaction of our demanding customers is the standard for the quality of our work and for our success. Passion, professionalism, and creative ideas define the bk Group, and the people who put their hearts and souls into the company. Each one of them makes their own contribution to the overall success – their talent, their knowledge, and their own unique values. In addition, our international mindset gives us a strong position in dealings with our global customers. Everyone benefits. Our employees, our customers, and our customers’ customers.

Excellent performance that you can trust.

Cost savings of 35 %

With our unique retail maintenance solution your maintenance budget will be reduced by a maximum of 35 %.

79% Coverage

Our technicians are located in 27 countries in Europe and cover a distance equal to circling the Earth six times in one year.

97% Client Satisfaction

This quota refers to the satisfaction level of our long-term clients.

100% Security

Sit back and relax after a successful business day and let us handle the rest with our 24/7 support.

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Lots of companies offer retail solutions. Trust 365° all-in care-free security by the bk Group. Why you should rely on us, Europe-wide

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Camilla Stammler

Camilla Stammler
Head of Human Resources

Phone: +49 9843 9801-123

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