The begin of the exclusive event series of bk Group: a complete success

Top-client event "Summit 1.0" sets a mark for unforgettable moments and appreciation
Europe's market leader for shopfitting and property construction inspires the sector’s high potentials - with excellent dramaturgy, exclusive highlights and an individual support and experience program that leaves nothing to be desired

From 22/05 to 24/05/2019, bk Group had invited its customers to the first summit attempt in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, the prelude to an exclusive event series in changing European top locations.

In addition to peace and relaxation in the hotel’s luxurious well-being oasis in the picturesque region of Upper Bavaria, culinary delicacies of the regional cuisine and stimulating conversations either inside in a cosy Bavarian ambience or during the spectacular ascent to the Zugspitze peak in front of a breathtaking alpine panorama, an attractive and varied program was offered to the participants, with many surprises and organized with attention to detail.

The concept for this industry-related event was based on the idea of creating unique and unforgettable moments which should inspire, offer delight and provide new impulses. "We want to make the personal exchange with our customers a lasting experience and by this means express our special appreciation for each individual participant", Gerold Wolfarth, CEO of bk Group, sums up the philosophy of this event series.

A special highlight was the eagerly awaited appearance of the marketing expert and successful author Dr. Christian Mikunda - the grandmaster and guru of successful dramatic composition. With his lecture on the topic Hypnoaesthetics - the ultimate seduction in marketing, trade and architecture, he carried his enthusiastic audience away on a journey into the fascinating future of store dramaturgy. Standing ovations accompanied the mastermind and founder of strategic dramaturgy after the end of his impressive presentation of completely new possibilities for successful experience design on the sales floor. This has been an event that will surely be remembered for long time amongst the professionals of the sector and already has offered a lot of ideas for intensive discussions amongst the experts of the field in the following get-together at the hotel bar on the same evening.

Then, the host himself provided a general surprise and another highlight. In front of his astonished audience, Gerold Wolfarth unexpectedly slipped into the role of a book author in order to present his first work “Profit is only a side effect”. The reading session that followed gave exciting insights into an extraordinary career and described his life from his early days as simple farmer boy to an internationally recognized businessman. With this first work, Gerold Wolfarth presented himself as an authentic herald and architect of a new corporate and management culture and immediately won the hearts of his audience.

"The possibility to present my book to the public for the first time, in the presence of my family and all the customers and journalists who had followed the invitation, was a very special and moving moment for me. Above all, listening to my words presented by a well-known audio book speaker fascinated not only myself, but also the listeners more and more. My tension gave way to pure gratitude when I finally realized that the final applause was not only an expression of courtesy, but genuine sympathy and enthusiasm for my autobiographical commitments, insights and findings as a person and entrepreneur. Initially I was indeed a bit nervous. After all, venturing out of the hidden sphere of my company into the light of a stage with a public discourse about controversial topics has been a completely new experience. In this respect, I am very pleased about the great response of my audience during our joint event", the author describes the strong momentum caused by this personal success, and he would like to encourage his readers to get involved in the spirit of renewal in a modern working world that focusses on the individual as the center of the value creation process.

Conclusion: The premiere summit 1.0 has exceeded all expectations of the initiators, but also those of the participants. The start of this unique events series has been a complete success, and its continuation can already be looked forward to.